I had the pleasure of attending a wedding on the weekend, with the reception being held at the Inn On The Wye at Kerne Bridge.

I’ve been to a few hotels which have played a part in a couple’s special day, but the staff at this one definitely stood out for me. There were plenty of people to serve at the bar, yet the staff were always there with a smile. We took a young baby with us which required warm milk on multiple occasions throughout the day. As soon as we asked for this they would go and get us some hot water almost immediately. They even stored her milk in their fridge so we didn’t need to worry about keeping it fresh. The staff also didn’t seem to mind me wandering around the venue in circles to try and settle the baby off in her pram!

The function room we were in had it’s own bar as well as a garden making it the perfect exclusive place to gather with friends and family.

I caught up with the happy couple afterwards and asked for their thoughts on the venue and staff: “Fantastic. They really put us at ease and took a lot of the stress and pressure off us”.

In summary, if you are looking to host your wedding reception anywhere, then you would certainly be in safe hands at the Inn On The Wye.


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