I was saddened to read on Facebook that Gelatis will be closing next month. They posted on Facebook:

“It is with great sadness that I can confirm we will be closing our doors for the last time on Tuesday 6th September

It’s been very hard work and so much fun building my little business but sadly the energy price hike has made it impossible to carry on with bills trebling from BES Utilities Ltd (avoid this company like the plague!)

They say you should save the best til last and the little team of young workers I’ve had this summer have been utterly fabulous!

We are all gutted to say goodbye but I know they will all go on to have amazing careers and we’ve really had a blast working together and serving our lovely customers

The shop will not stay empty – there is a lovely new business starting but I will await permission from the new tenant before I say any more about that

Meanwhile, we will be delighted to serve old customers and new for the rest of the summer ( and I believe there may actually be a short summer on the way)

Happy holidays everyone and thank you so much for your support”

My first visit to Gelatis was with my 6 year old daughter and our experience was excellent. We sat down and a young gentleman took our order, and quickly brought it over. It was not long until closing, yet they were still serving happily. Her eyes lit up as she was given the biggest sundae she had ever seen. She made a valiant effort at consuming it, but was sadly beaten. On the other hand, I had a mountain of pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Delicious, but couldn’t manage it!

All the while, there was a gentleman sat not far from us. It was clear he was quite confused and wanted to go home. Tina, the owner of Gelatis, clearly busy trying to wind down for the day still took the time to ring around all the taxi firms in the hope of getting him home. From memory it was a Sunday and no one was available, so Tina took it upon herself to drive him home. From memory he was towards Hereford, so way out of her way but there were never any complaints.

Rumour has it that a Portuguese restaurant will be opening in its place, I will be keeping an eye and look forward to trying it out.

To end, best of luck to Tina and all the staff at Gelatis in whatever they go on to do next. 

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